About Me

I live in Canada with my two favorite guys. My husband Trenton, who made me moved to Canada, and my dog Oscar who was my present for moving to Canada. Sometimes at night I dream of dollar bills instead of loonies, and in my spare time I practice converting kilometers to miles and liters to gallons :)
I love to cook, and before I could work here,  I really made it my hobby. I cooked. A lot. So I decided to share some of my creations with you. I love request and suggestions, so if you ever want to see a recipe for your favorite food leave a comment!  I will be sure to make you something delicious. Just remember this... the amount of burnt muffins, broken eggs, and spilt milk I have produced will probably always outnumber the recipes you see. Anyone can cook. You just need a lot of paper towel, a big garbage can, and time to spare.

  I use a Panasonic Lumix FZ100 for my pictures. It takes great super close pics, has HD video, and facial recognition! I looooove it!
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