My Favorite Things

Here is a list a few blogs I follow, interesting websites, and just plain cool stuff......

     - This website has so many new and interesting recipes, I visit it probably once a day. It also has sister sites, dwellinggawker, weddinggawker, and craftgawker.

     -Anyone can submit their favorite recipe, which leads to over 20,000 recipes for anything you can think of! They usually do themes for different holidays and seasons too.

     - Love this site when I am in the mood to try a new dessert. So....much....chocolate.

     - This chick knows how to workout. Her home workouts really leave you no excuse not exercise. Every workout require little to no gym equipment and is done in under 30 minutes. Amazing!

     - My friend Lacey has a blog of her own that will make you laugh, make you cry, and is amazing all at the same time. It is just about life, which we can all relate to!

     - This may be my, and now your, single easiest and most addictive way of wasting time. Specify this "search engine" to your favorite things....and you can literally waste DAYS on here.

     - Photo editor that is easy to use, free, and can really make your pictures amazing. I use it to put my name on my pics, and sometimes edit them to make things look extra yummy.

Dirty Laundry Wine
     - While I don't really visit this website much, I do drink this wine a lot. My husbands parents are part owners to this wonderful vineyard in Summerland, BC. Next time you're in Canada...come for a visit. Hopefully I am there too :)
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