A Friendly Reminder

You know how sometimes you could swear you and your best friend were meant to be best friends? When I look at this picture from my wedding, I think it is pretty obvious.


 You also know how when you are little, you and your best friend wish you could really be sisters or at least related? Well, I am going back to Fairbanks, for maybe the last time, to watch that happen. My best friend, since we were 9, is getting married to my second cousin, Pete. I am so excited I could literally scream. Tara has always been my best friend. She is obviously beautiful, talented, smart, and shares my amazing sense of humor :) We still laugh about things that happened when we would camp out in her yard in 5th grade, or stuff we would chat about on MSN messenger in middle school (blast from the past right?). I know you are supposed to say your husband is your best friend, and TJ is also my best friend! But I am really going to talk to TJ about how hot Robert Pattinson is? Probably not.  

A lot of people say that when they don't talk to their friends for a while, they always pick up right where they left off and everything is the same. I don't think that it true. I think things always change, and it is never quite the same with most of your friends. Well this one is no different. Sometimes we don't talk for a while, and obviously things in your life will change. After a few weeks I don't know some of the people she is talking about, and she doesn't know how my work is going. But the one thing that will never change is how much I love her, and no amount of time will change that. Despite being 3,000 miles apart she is always there for me. And I am so excited to be there for her this weekend.

Below is a link to Tara and her older sister, Michelle's, website for their super cute business idea. She sent TJ and myself a sign after we got married (above), and it is perfect. Check it out! I promise you will see something you like :)

Take #1, Oscar likes the signs too!

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  1. I am crying. I love you. BFF's foreva eva eva eva


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