Happy Easter!!

All of our eggs on the left... my favorite tie-dye eggs on the right!
 I hope everyone had a relaxing Easter! No work, lots of food, and friends & family were my day today! I cooked up a storm and my husband and I had some of our friends over for an Easter dinner, wine, and charades (my favorite pastime....ever). I had so much fun chatting with friends and eating wayyyyy too much food. I even dyed Easter eggs and really brought out my 6 year old self -still as fun as ever though! I have a few pictures of mine and TJ's Easter eggs, my flowers that I bought at Safeway and turned into a bouquet, and goody tray I put together. I am sure there will be a hard boiled egg recipe soon, there is really no way around it. Maybe some left over ham recipe, you never know. Well actually,  now you do.

Some beautiful dahlias and a mystery flower I liked. If you know, tell me!!!
Mini eggs! In Canada though, mini eggs are here year round, so no big deal. Sorry my American amigos :)

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  1. aw love your little egg by your photo cred.. so cute. glad you had so much fun yesterday! glad that i could join your little family on the holiday.


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