Beach Bummin'

In Nassau at the Atlantis Resort. Water slides= deadly. So fun.
The second part of our vacation was a cruise out of Miami to the Bahamas. Oh man, I didn't want to come back, that's for sure. The Bahamas are such a great destination because....
 #1) It is obviously beautiful
 #2) The official language is English 
#3) Everyone is so nice, it's almost overwhelming
I would definitely go back...soon. Beaches, sunsets, fruity drinks, cold beer, fresh fruit, warm water, island music, bathing suites....I guess you get the point. Here are some pics of our trip!

Cliche sand writing & some sea turtles with starfish!
A little buddy I found on the beach :)
Sunset from our rooms balcony on the cruise
 But I did come back to a blooming Crabapple tree, which was super pretty. It even inspired me to plant a little garden...pics to come soon!

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