Southern Comfort

This weekend my husband and I made the trip from Northern Alberta to the Southern US. Statesboro, Georgia was our final destination (for now) to watch my sister graduate from college! I had never been to Georgia so I was so excited to see the sights and eat some real southern food. And I got to do all of that! Here are a few highlights of my trip!

In one of the various squares throughout Savannah, Georgia. This city was so amazing. Original buildings from the 1700's and cobblestone streets too! All of the trees had Spanish Moss hanging from them too, and you can see it in this picture above. Very cool.

A picture above is the graduation ceremony, which was held at the football field. There were over 2,000 undergrads receiving degrees! But the weather was beautiful and listening to the professors say "Magna Cum-Laude" in Southern accents was more than enough to keep me entertained :)

After grad we went to a little spot call "Gnat's Landing" for lunch. This place looked a little shady, but so does Thai food out of someones basement :) They had this awesome wall of beer cans held up by chicken wire. If that doesn't sound country I don't know what does. After having a few pitchers of Blue Moon (my favorite beer that they don't have in Canada!) and eating some deep fried pickles, I felt my trip to the south was complete!
Pasta salad, deep-fried pickles, baked beans, sweet potato fries, and a wrap! Enough carbs to kill a man.

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