Fresh Herb Spring Rolls

My friend Jadene and I had a little fresh spring roll making fest the other week, and ever since then all I want is more spring rolls!! I love making these with fresh herbs and veggies, and they are completely gluten free. They are also vegetarian! I made this with a yummy sweet chili sauce, but I think that it could use a little tweaking, so I will save it until later. You can put whatever you like in these, but this is just a guideline with a few of the basics in it! 

Fresh Herb Spring Rolls

12 rice paper wraps
1 cup cooked rice vermicelli noodles
2 eggs
1 mini cucumber
2 green onions
1/2 cup carrots
1/2 red bell pepper
Fresh mint, basil, & cilantro leaves

Makes 12 rolls

Slice cucumbers, carrots, bell pepper, and green onions into thin matchsticks. 

Pick mint, basil, and cilantro leaves from stems and set aside. 

Heat a small pan over medium high heat. Scramble eggs and add to greased pan. Cook until set, careful to keep in 1 piece. Remove onto a cutting board, and slice into pieces a similar length of other vegetables. 

To roll spring rolls:

1.) Soak a rice wrapper in warm water for 20-30 seconds until soft. 

2.) Lay on a flat surface or cutting board.

3.) Add 2 to 3 strips or cucumber, red pepper, carrots, and green onion. 

4.) Next add a small amount of rice noodles and 1 strip of scrambled egg. 

5.) Begin to roll, pulling tight as you roll. 

6.) Halfway through, add your choice of fresh herbs. 

7.) Fold sides over on top of herbs and continue to roll tightly until completely rolled up! 

While you finish rolls, keep finished spring rolls under a damp paper towel to keep moist. 

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