Seeds of Spring

I cooked 2 different things today for the blog, but they both took too long to make, and soon I lost all the good natural light. So instead I wanted to share my little project with you. A few weeks ago I planted some basil seeds for two reasons.

The first was that I love using fresh herbs in my cooking. They trump dried herbs any day. My problem is that it is winter here 7 months a year which mean I can't always walk outside to my herb garden and snip away. So since fresh basil may be one of the most commonly used herbs I thought I would plant some!

 The second was that it was March and still winter, so I really needed some sign of life! Just a little green in my life is all...... I do have a orchid plant, but right now it is just a skinny green stalk with no flowers. There is a mystery weed in the orchid's pot that is growing great. My green thumb on the other hand.... not so healthy.

So today I took a picture of my basil plant which I am pretty sure is 3 weeks along now, just to share a little spring with you, if it hasn't quite reached your neck of the woods yet :)

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