Kyrgyz and Gypsy Weddings

Over Facebook the other day, my friend Megan and I chatted about an adventure to Central Asia. She is currently in the Peace Corp in Kyrgyzstan, which makes her awesome. I told her I can't locate it on a map, spell it, or pronounce it, and she told me it was the vacation destination I always dreamed of. LOL

Anyways, I then told her to be involved in a Eastern European gypsy wedding like I had seen on the this new show on TLC called "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding".... then she told me she's not in Eastern Europe...

So I asked her about Kyrgyz food and she told me to google a few items.... they are still on the to make list. But in the mean time I thought I should share a clip from this crazy show below.... Also below is a link to Megan's blog about living in central Asia and being in the peace corps. It is a great read so check it out!

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