Plants are fun too....

Being a vegetarian isn't that hard. And while I am a pretty rotten vegetarian, because I eat fish, and sometimes can't resist bacon, living with a meat eater hasn't really hampered me too much. If you were thinking about becoming a vegetarian, or just wanted to give it a try for a healthy change, here are a few tips....

1.) Don't immediately try to make special vegetarian meals. Just cook as usual and replace. The pizza below if half BBQ Chicken for TJ, and the other half is veggie. Make the same crust, use the same sauce, but cut yourself some vegetables instead. 

2.) Always keep beans in your house. This is probably the best/tastiest source of protein. Let's get real, tofu if gross. Beans can be flavored how ever you like, and are still edible. They are great to replace ground hamburger in chili and burgers. 

3.) Learn your alternate sources of protein, such as quinoa, beans, soy products, eggs, nuts and seeds. The more your know the easier it is.  

4.) If you are really craving your favorite teriyaki chicken or peppercorn steak, use those seasonings on your vegetarian choice. I am a big fan of tricking myself by BBQing tofu with yummy barbecue sauce. 

5.) Don't replace your meat with carbs, it will make you fat. Haha just kidding, but seriously don't do it.

The average meal, when meat is replaced by a plant based protein sourced, has 200-500 less calories. That means you can have extra dessert, and isn't that what we all want? 

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