The worlds most challenging challenge ever

So to test my self-control, which I will be the first to admit it non-existent, and to try some clean eating my friend Lacey and I are embarking on a month long challenge. It is a clean eating change to help get your body feeling right, stop eating things you shouldn't, and hopefully pinpoint anything you may have a sensitivity to. The first week is the toughest - no sugar, milk products, animal protein, gluten, caffeine, or alcohol. Basically fruits and vegetables, with whole grains that aren't wheat. Over the period of a month you slowly add things back in, always keeping in mind the dairy, sugar, and wheat should be eaten in moderation if at all. 

 I feel like this would be a breeze, if sugar was allowed. Anyone who knows me knows that I eat dessert after every meal....including breakfast. My sweet tooth is my only tooth.  I have also recently read that if you stop eating sugar, you stop craving it....well if that doesn't work I am going to slap someone for cutting out my sugar for a month. 

I want to post each days meals, with hopefully a tasty recipe that you could use if you wanted to try this challenge. That is if I don't break my computer in a sugar withdrawal. I told Lacey I was going to post her blog so people could harass her as well if they wanted to :) Life of Lace

Today I had gluten-free oatmeal made with almond milk, topped with papaya and blackberries. Not bad but I think almond milk is gross. Alas, it was all we had. 

For lunch a had refried beans, which surprised me that on the label only had: beans, garlic, vegetable oil and salt. No preservatives that I couldn't pronounce. Awesome. Anyways I chopped up everything in my kitchen drawer and put it on top with some mexican spices. It was pretty good :) I like to think of it as a deconstruction taco. Mexican is one of the easiest typed of food to make vegetarian and gluten free too. 

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