The long lost blog.....

This just in.... I am not dead. Just back from the worlds longest vacation! I was about to write a bunch of awesome post with recipes made from fresh summer vegetables, then Oscar ate a soccer ball so I have been busy with that for a while (which made and appearance today, I leave you to guess how). But now here I am!

Summer has been great and we have been all over the place! Hawaii, Pennsylvania, British Columbia....nothing like flying through 7 different time zones in less than a week. And by flying I mean eating. Delicious fresh fish in Maui, $2.50 breakfast plates in Lehighton, and fresh Okanagan Valley peaches. The point is I haven't cooked in a looooooong time. And now that I am back even making a sandwich seems like work.

With summer dwindling down though.....I must take advantage of all these delicious fresh veggies! And what's a better way then doing a 3 week vegan challenge. Let's get real, anything is better than a vegan challenge. Like cheese. But I have heard so many amazing stories about people feeling and looking great after going vegan that it is worth a try. And I figure I am already half way there considering I don't eat most meat or drink cows milk. I just have to get rid of cheese.... and eggs.... and greek yogurt..... and butter.... and chocolate. On second thought maybe I don't do it.

Vegan diet restrictions:
Anything that contains anything having to do with animals. Ever.
So even though it is a natural thing for a chicken to lay an egg..... No.
Jello, gummies, or anything with pectin (aka ground up hooves or something)..... No.
Yummy, delicious, magical cheese...... No.
Wendy's Junior Bacon Cheeseburger..... Hell to the No.

But whatever. It's worth a try.... and the worst thing that could happen is I fail miserably and T.J. finds me in the corner of the bedroom surrounded by chocolate and slices of swiss cheese, while I dip hard boiled eggs in a peanut butter milkshake. 

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  1. Welcome back! Love your blog! I also just back from a honeymoon to Maui and ate a bunch of delicious (read: un-healthy) food while there. I'm also trying to go vegan (or, at least mostly vegan). We made vegetarian sushi on our first night back: fun and yummy! Looking forward to your recipes!


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